Preview: in lieu of an editorial statement

Everywhere, prototext is confined in too narrow boxes, genres, rules.
But prototext cannot be confined. Its ferality can only be disseminated.
This is a call to arms. It is a call for prototextual writing.

and universality of the savant. In ours-if I may be permitted to use for a would not be equal to a comprehension of the whole. Thence results, for science as has done hitherto; but neither do I think it should indulge them too far, still becomes corrupted. object of all the efforts of the human mind, will never be fully and absolutely object of science is the mental reproduction, as well-considered and systematic as receive and I give-such is human life.

Such writing occurs in the space opened by the anarchist challenge. It does not follow an anarchist method, simply because there isn’t one; as many have noted time and again, anarchic thought cannot be confined to the structures of genre. This includes, as no one knew better than Michael Bakunin, its own genre, and that of ‘politics’.
There is no anarchist text, but there can be an anarchic prototext.

Possible, of the natural laws inherent in the material, intellectual, and moral To sum up. We recognize, then, the absolute authority of science, because the sole criticism censure. I do not content myself with consulting authority in any science

Anarchic prototext could be what happens when you cut up anarchist text. Here, it is Bakunin’s God And The State. There, it might be others…
But prototext also goes beyond cutting up text. It manifests in experience: poetic and prosaic, fragmented and whole, sick and healing, loud and quiet.

others to slavery matter of boots, I refer to the authority of the bootmaker; concerning houses, considerably take down the pride of his licensed representatives

The prototext bursts with meaning, chuckling ceaselessly as it affirms the emergence of meaning at the edge of intelligibility. It is a zone of emergence, a text left to its own becoming. Grammatically jumbled up, it nevertheless retains a certain syntactical cohesion which lends it communicative efficacy, if not the clarity of conventional meaning. The prototext is not “clear” and cannot be, clarity itself being one of the values it challenges.

becomes an academician, speak, absolute, even if it were composed of the most illustrious men, would comprehending -such a society would be a society, not of men, but of brutes. It devil take their counsels, their directions, and their

“It is grammar that establishes language as a system, reminding us that the symbolic must become systemic in order to seize and hold power. This is how the perceived world becomes structured, its abundance processed and reduced. The grammar of every language is a theory of experience, and more than that, it’s an ideology.” – John Zerzan
“We can say instead that effectiveness is reality, that what is real are the connections and the communities, and that all that is real… is also present and in the moment.” – Gustav Landauer

One thought on “Preview: in lieu of an editorial statement

  1. This is inspiring. And I admit that I barely understand any part of this. There are things I would like to say here that I can’t put out in a public space about what’s being said I agree with it very deeply and I believe some of the experience in a certain opaque oblique way.

    Marc Isaac Potter
    .. aka.
    Marc Isaax Potter


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