Deplatformed author

Strukturriss, the journal, is for all intents and purposes a one-person operation. I (Sascha) run its day-to-day affairs, read every submission that’s not for Longreads, respond to all of them, accept or decline them, arrange the issues with their artists, and organize print and distribution. At times, sadly, this means that I am unaware of the behavior of authors whose work I might accept.

This has now happened. I have been made aware that an author whose work I accepted and published has harrassed at least one fellow publisher. This is unacceptable and not something Strukturriss tolerates. I have removed this author’s work from the journal’s issues’ e-copies effective immediately. Any such copy containing this author’s work is outdated.

Print copies are harder to change, by their very nature, so unfortunately some copies will exist which have this author’s work. Nonetheless, I do not endorse the author’s behavior, and any future print copies will come with an alteration to that effect.

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