Introducing Volume 2 Issue 2!

It is hard to believe how much amazing talent there is out there, writing and creating the prototext of tomorrow’s society. Out now for pre-order is Volume 2 Issue 2, jam-packed with thought-provoking, radically genre-bending, beautifully experimental writing and art for your reading pleasure.

Artificial Ignorance by Yrik Max Valentonis
In fairness to all the men who have wanted me to shave my pussy by Amelia Furlong
Getting Irish youngsters back to church by Stephen McNulty
Jacob’s Ladder by Heikki Huotari
Knight by Maurice Moore
Noreen’s Fury by Jamie Canavan
The Point of Grass by Paris Ediagbonya
Self-reflection by Roy Duffield (layout by Elisabetta Taboga)
‘Silence is violence’ is what the sign says by Jonathan Lindgren
Sleeper Earrings by Patricia Walsh
Socials by Niamh Finlay
Soulstress/Waterfall by Dr. Amanda Baker
Time to forget by Roberta Francis
Vinnie by Mikayla Kelly

And all this beautifully juxtaposed with the art of Lee Tal!

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