Introducing Volume 2 Issue 4!

Its so heartening to see the magnificient talent in the world of experimental prototext through this journal and this issue is no exception. Our fastest sold print issue yet Volume 2 Issue 4 is still out for e-copy preorder now and publishing officially on the 9th of October. It will be our heftiest issue yet packed with thought provoking, wonderfully radical written and art pieces we know you’re going to love.


White Privilege by Nathanael O’Reilly
Beginning an end by Blue Buckton
Dyscalculia by JP Seabright
The presence of D III: We Rust by Gregory Betts
Rebellious foamer by Michelle King
Abstract of an unwritten research paper on the self by William Liu

Four Prototexts emerging by Sascha Engel
We must help him help us by Lorelei Bacht
Rufus has four sturdy walls and a good roof by Anna Greenberg
Excerpt from an unused assumption by Ross Scott
The last inmates of sustenance by Justin(e) Kertson
Twitterpated by Michelle Mellon
Emote by Vanessa Couto Johnson

Soiled by oil by Katy Wimhurst
Line making score extract by Daniel Hignell

Individuals by PSW

All works beautifully contrasted by the art of the talented Elizabeth Jacobs.

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