Submission guidelines

Please send us no more than two pieces of your work in an email to Any readable format is fine for us.

We are particularly looking for radical genre-bending work, and ask for submissions that do not adhere to conventional boundaries in terms of form and content. Underrepresented narrative voices, nonlinear fiction, genderbending and queering, non-conventional poetry, radical essays in fiction and non-fiction are all particularly welcome. Some amount of non-English is fine, but please make sure the majority of your submission is in English.

We ask that your submissions are not previously published. When published here, we’ll ask for right of first written publication and anthologizing of your piece, disseminating it world-wide and non-exclusively, and acknowledgement of Strukturriss as place of first publication.

There is no minimum word count, but please keep submissions below 5000 words. Please feel free to submit in any category or combination of categories, such as prose and poetry or vispo and prose, but only two pieces at a time.